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So…How does this training work?

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Sleep Consultant is to happy baby as fitness coach is to your hot summer bod! Allow me to elaborate. With the abundance of information available online and the millions of baby books on the perfect way to sleep train your baby, why would anyone hire a sleep consultant?

Because everything is easy, until you have to apply it and commit to it. Take for example your desire to have a killer summer body. You obviously know you need to exercise. You also know that you probably shouldn’t have had that third donut in the lunchroom, but, eh, you figured you’d just start fresh tomorrow.

That’s where your fitness coach comes in. Chances are, if you’re working with one, they’ve educated you on the importance of proper nutrition, had you log everything you are eating, and are showing you all the exercises that target the exact muscles for you to achieve that perfect body just in time for your summer vacation.

The bottom line is that even when the information is right in front of you, it can be challenging to apply it to YOUR specific situation. Even though the books have chapters of topics that address obstacles that you might come across, it doesn’t exactly troubleshoot what is going on with YOU.

I talk to many families on a weekly basis and most of them want to know what exactly I am going to offer them to make this service worth it. So, in a nut shell, let me share with you how this all works and five reasons why you would spend the money to work with me!

Here is a little breakdown of how this all works.

  1. 15-minute Evaluation (completely Free)- First, we get on the phone for your 15-minute evaluation call. I get to know your situation, very briefly, and I will give you my honest feedback about what is going on with your little one’s sleep.
  2. Preliminary Questionnaire– Once you’ve decided you are ready to train, I will send you a questionnaire to gather a bit more information. The questionnaire asks you about your routines, your daily schedule, any medical concerns that I should be aware of, and a few other details that could factor into your little one’s poor sleep hygiene.
  3. Customized Sleep Plan– Based on the information you provide, I will create a customized sleep plan with your parenting approach, child’s temperament, age, and needs in mind. It outlines how we will tackle night time, night wakings, naps, short naps, and all the ways you will go about responding to your little one in all sleep situations.
  4. 1-hour consultation– We will decide on a start date and on that day, we will have our hour-long consultation where I will give you a lot of sleep education as well as go over (in great detail) the sleep plan. I will help answer all of your questions and make sure you are ready to begin. For that first night, I will be available to you until 9:30 p.m. to be your support system.
  5. Sleep Logs- For the next two weeks, you will complete sleep logs that keep me informed about your little one’s wake-times, schedule, and any additional notes that are necessary for me to make the changes I need to, in order for us to have success.
  6. Follow-up calls– We will schedule four follow up calls. During these calls, I will be able to answer any questions and concerns that you have. We will also celebrate all your successes since by the end of the first week, you will see HUGE improvements in your little one’s sleep.
  7. Graduation!- At the end of the two weeks, you and your little one will graduate from our time together. We will review your sleep goals and check them off because little one will become a champion sleeper! I will then email you Nap Transition Guides, Daylight Savings Guides, and Travel Guides.

Surprised to see that I won’t actually be the one to put your baby to sleep? I know. Many people are shocked (and somewhat skeptical) about how their baby will end up becoming such a great sleeper, if I am not the one to go to their house and work my magic. The truth is that if I do the work for you, you’ll be back to where you were to begin with, once I leave. My goal is to educate YOU and give YOU the tools you need to do the training, while I support and encourage you.

All right, well if it’s that easy, then why should someone hire me? The reality is, that it is NOT easy, but you can do it. With the education, the sleep plan, and me as your resource to fill in those missing pieces, you have the confidence to stay consistent- the single most important piece to your success.

So, I wouldn’t tell you all about why to hire a consultant without finishing off about why I am YOUR PERSON.

  1. I did the reading, so that you don’t have to. Raise your hand if you’re that person who bought cliff-notes the night before the test, looked it over, and winged it. Cliff-notes helped you pass that Biology test, but believe it or not sleep training can be more complicated than that. There is a lot to sleep science that many people don’t know. I have read it all for you, so that you don’t have to bother. Sorry no cliff-notes for this one. I trained and was mentored by the founder of the Sleep Sense program, Dana Obleman. She has helped thousands of families get their sleep and sanity back.
  2. I am not a business major- I have not calculated my goal revenue for this quarter, factored in my fees that I pay to PayPal, and figured out my conversion rate from my sales calls. I do this because I truly just want to get you sleep. My business is not driven by numbers, but for the fact that I was once as sleep- deprived as you are, and I know how hard (understatement) it can be.
  3. I am your cheerleader– Sleep training is HARD. I won’t even sugar coat it. Sometimes having the right support system can make all the difference. I will be your shoulder to cry on, your punching bag, and your biggest cheerleader. I understand the rollercoaster of emotions that go into it in such a short amount of time. In two weeks, you will experience stress (like never before), sleep deprivation (how much worse can it really get?), and ecstatic, magical feels as you sleep your first long stretch of sleep. Did I mention just how PROUD you will feel of yourself and your little one? It’s life-changing.
  4. Teacher by day, consultant by night (more like all day)– The name Learn.Eat.Sleep actually came to me because I have been working with children as an educator before I became a consultant. I began to notice that these three words were so closely linked together. These are the three fundamental needs of a young child. If they are eating and sleeping, they can learn. Children who came to school with either of those pieces missing, were not able to perform at their optimal levels and thrive. The truth was that so many children were not getting the adequate amount of sleep and nutrition, therefore could not learn. I understand children. I understand them very well.
  5. You’re more than just my “client” – This “business” leaves the formal business attire at the door. I understand that you’re a mom, sitting in your pajamas, hair in a bun, and coffee in hand (rocking your little one in the other hand). I’ve been known to answer your late-night texts because I know that when I was training, I would have wanted someone to do that for me (don’t get used to it). I know that during our scheduled call, you could be tending to a screaming baby, and its okay. I also know that because I am also a mom, you do your best to respect my time, so I do what I can for you and your success.

If you’ve made it this far, I can tell you’re committed. As a thank you to YOU for following my journey of motherhood and for reaching out for support with sleep, I am offering you 15% off any of the sleep packages. That’s right. If you’re committed to reading about why you should hire a consultant, then you’re committed enough to get this sleep training underway. Let’s do this!



The group of lovely ladies that I had the honor to train with under the mentorship of Dana Obleman. Can you find me? Sarasota, Florida.


Me and Dana Obleman, founder of The Sleep Sense Program. My mentor and trainer and the reason why I flew across the United States to Florida to become a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant.

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