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A neighbor’s dog, the garbage truck, and even the morning birds chirping are all good reasons why a little one can be interrupted from his sleep. A white noise machine is a great tool to use to preserve naps and give your little one consolidated sleep by blocking out unwanted sounds. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound is a great investment to be used into toddler hood.


A lovey, or security blanket, can give your child a sense of comfort when dealing with the new skill of learning to sleep independently. An ideal lovey is a small, breathable, and a safe item that your little one can have in the crib.  


The science of sleep involves your body producing melatonin, a hormone responsible for your little one’s sleep and wake cycles. It rises in the evenings and begins to drop during sunrise. In order to prevent your little one to wake up with the sun, a blackout curtain can help preserve a few more hours of sleep during naps and in the mornings.


For your little newborn, a great swaddle can give your little one the protection and comfort he needs to mimic the womb and get better sleep. These Embe Babies swaddles are extremely soft, breathable, and easy to use. It is also a great way to use a swaddle in the summer time without overheating baby by leaving their feet out of the swaddle.


For those early risers that are ready to start their day before everyone else is, an “Ok-to-Wake” clock like Zazu’s Sam the Lamb is a great way to let your little one know that they still have some time to get those last Zzz’s in. The clock will be your little one’s first alarm clock that does exactly the opposite of what ours does, let’s them know they can still sleep! Now, if only they would make one for adults.


Once little one is ready for the transition from crib to toddler bed, she’ll need a little bit of extra support to keep her from rolling off the bed. This bumper is a great way to help protect her from any falls while making sure that she has enough space to enjoy the move up on square footage.


This sensory lounger is the only one with a unique patent and design that doesn’t allow for baby to be able to roll over. It’s made from 100% organic cotton and was a personal favorite of Eva as a newborn. It’s meant to hug your newborn in all the right places to make her feel safe and comfortable, while mimicking the womb.


This organic teething oil made it on the list of sleep essentials because we all know that without some teething relief, you and baby will be doing anything but sleeping. Clove, peppermint, and chamomile have been used for thousands of years as a natural anesthetic for relieving tooth and gum pain. Without the harsh chemicals found in other teething relief, you can be comforted in knowing that you’ve done your best in easing up that tooth pain because let’s face it. You and I wouldn’t be able to sleep with a tooth ache so how could be expect baby to?

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