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Learn.Eat.Sleep was founded to give families their sleep back. By working together to create a customized plan for your little one, you can all start to sleep through the night again.

Using a gentle approach, your little one can learn to sleep independently, while establishing life-long healthy sleep habits. Contact me, Anet, your Los Angeles, California baby sleep consultant for more information.

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Baby Sleep Consultant in Los Angeles

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Anet, a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. As an educator, I’ve worked with children for several years. I’ve learned and gained an understanding of how important sleep is when children are developing. 

My goal as your Los Angeles baby sleep consulting expert is to help your little one obtain the tools needed for sleep, which will provide a foundation for their milestones that they are yet to go through!

I offer free, 15-minute calls and I would love to discuss how I can best help you and your little one receive your well-deserved rest.

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