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Glendale, CalifoRnia Toddler Sleep Consultant

Toddler Package

Toddlers (19 months – 5 years) | $625

By now, your little one has most likely made her way to mama’s bed or is not too fond of the concept of sleeping. With some clear expectations, consistency, and support, your little one will soon love bedtime just as much her mama does. As a toddler sleep consultant in Glendale CA, I can help!

What this package includes


You'll receive a detailed Preliminary Evaluation.

1-Hour Consultation

We will have a 1-hour consultation discussing sleep expectations, schedule, and approach.

A Customized Sleep Plan

I will create a customized sleep plan with your style and temperament of your little one in mind.

Follow Up Support

You will receive four phone calls during week one and four emails during week two.

Resource Guides

You will receive Travel and Daylight Savings Resource Guides upon graduation.

*Special rate for twins and additional children apply. 

Glendale, CA Toddler Sleep Help